Trendy Choker Necklaces and Choker Blouses

Trendy Choker Necklaces and Choker Blouses

Popular Trend: Choker necklaces and choker blouses

Choker necklaces have been popping up everywhere especially on celebrities and in almost every store. All the stores have their own styles of choker necklaces. The choker goes back to the late 1700s and gained quite a popularity. It started as something that was popular among the more promiscuous females and then chokers were popular among royalty and the elite. Some popular chokers from the 90s that have resurfaced are the plastic tattoo chokers in a bright array of colours. More popular choker trends now are the lace and velvet choker necklaces. I love the plain lace or velvet choker necklaces because they are so versatile and look great with everything. Chokers would probably be my favourite trend coming back from the 90s. Types of chokers:

Tattoo chokers are plastic, stretchy and mostly colourful. They are for the fun and free spirited women.

Velvet chokers can be a thin or thicker style. Some of the velvet choker necklaces have a statement charm on them such as sun, heart or star pendent at the front. Others are more simple and elegant and can be dressed up or down.

Tie chokers are very trendy right now and act as a choker with an additional tie that hangs as a secondary accent and adds a really pretty and unique look.Here is one of our trendy chokers.

Lace or other material chokers are also very popular and very versatile for work or just a day or evening out with friends.

Choker tops and choker blouses are perfect for the office or just a nice dinner out and may seem like an easier transition if you are not ready for the choker necklace but still want to jump into that popular trend.

Some other popular trends that are making a comeback this year have been overalls and crop tops, which definitely are here to stay for fall and winter too.

If you are not sure if you can pull off the choker necklace but love the look try a choker blouse that is very classy and gorgeous on all body types.

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