5 Small Businesses in Burlington we think you should support!

Small business owners look out for each other; even if we are unaware we’re doing it. If you’re a small business owner I’m sure you have had the thought “I wonder if there is a small business I could support as opposed to Walmart or Amazon?” at least on the subconscious level. Usually the answer to that question is; yes, there is a small business you could support, and in this piece I am going to highlight five of my favourite small businesses in Burlington...

Kelly’s Bake Shop

This has been my favourite bakery in Burlington since they opened in 2012. The reason why I was drawn towards this bakery is because they specialize in vegan desserts, many of them being favourites of mine. They make various cookies, brownies and wedding cakes. During the lockdown they are open for curbside pickup as well as delivery. Check out their website…

kellys bake shop

Harb Plumbing

I have used this company for all my plumbing jobs and I am very impressed with their service. The staff is friendly and professional and will keep you in the loop of what is being worked on throughout the process. I have called them for jobs big and small and they have only ever done really good work. Established in 1974 Harb plumbing has the experience to complete any residential or commercial job.

Harb Plumbing

Brant Florist

Since 1961, Brant florist has been creating the most beautiful floral arrangements in the city. These arrangements are centered around various themes including; Spring arrangements, sympathy arrangements, birthday etc. During the lockdown they are available for curbside pickup as well as delivery. If you’re feeling blue because of the lockdowns, these arrangements will be sure to brighten your day.

Brant Florist

The Express Restaurant

This spot is relatively new to Burlington, established in 2018 this restaurant is located right across from the lake and features some amazing Italian dishes. The overall atmosphere is elegant and cozy and is perfect for date night. There is also a special kids menu in case you can’t find a babysitter. During the lockdowns they are available for online order. You should definitely try this place!

Lowville Park

Is a beautiful natural park with a lot of open space for picnics and a lot of scenic nature trails. There are also picturesque waterfalls, fountains and stone benches. Most importantly there is a children’s playground for the little ones to burn some of their pent up energy. During lockdowns there aren’t many options for a day out but this does remain one of them.


These are just a handful of small businesses that we support in Burlington.  There will be another post highlighting 5 more small business we support.  We will still order online/frequent big box stores but moving forward we will place more emphasis on supporting small business and encourage everyone to do the same when possible.  Small business makes up the backbone of our economy and employs the largest segment of the population therefore we believe it is important to consider small business first, especially those in the Burlington area. 
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