The Best Patios in Burlington

The Best Patios in Burlington

The Best Patios in Burlington 

With the summer almost coming to an end, nothing is better than enjoying one of the many patios around Burlington. If you’re planning on eating, to have a drink, or to simply relax and enjoy a nice conversation with friends, patios are just the perfect spot.


Here are the best 6 patios in Burlington:

#1 - Emma’s Back Porch

When you think about a patio in Burlington's downtown the first place that comes to mind is Emma's Back Porch.

With a great and friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy Emma's Back Porch with a classic and comfort meal or with just a drink. The patio view is astonishing. You can see the beautiful Lake Ontario and if you're lucky, you might even see the ducks swimming.

With a varied menu, you'll find something you like for sure.


#2 - Spencer’s at the Waterfront

Spencer's at the Waterfront is absolutely amazing and their patio is definitely one of the best. With a view to the Rotary Centennial Pond and the waterfront trail, it's the perfect place for a special celebration.

They usually host many beautiful weddings there and although it's not cheap, it sure is well worth the money.


#3 - The Judge and Jury

The Judge and Jury is a cozy little restaurant on Walkers Line. Although it might seem a strange location, you won't have any problems to park your car. 

Their patio isn't huge but it's a great place to just sit and relax with family and friends. The service is great, the staff is very friendly, the prices are very reasonable, and you can really enjoy some peace and quiet there.


#4 - Beaver and Bulldog

When you want to have some fun at night, the Beaver and Bulldog is the place to go. Their patio, in the back, is just in front of the waterfront, just like Spencer's.

However, the Beaver and Bulldog is not only for nights. You can also take advantage of their great patio and enjoy a cool drink during the hot summer days.


#5 - Rayhoon Persian Eatery

You can find Rayhoon Persian Eatery just in the heart if the village square. Their patio is absolutely lovely and with a perfect view of all the village unique architecture.

All the atmosphere and food are incredible and the owner is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. This is definitely one of the best patios in Burlington.


#6 - Tamp Coffee Co.

When you just want a cozy place where you can have a coffee or eat some delicious treats, Tamp Coffee Co. is a great choice. Although it's not a restaurant, you'll be delighted with their cozy little patio that they share with the Barbershop and the Village Cigar.

You can choose from a wide variety of snacks as well as drinks. They also have a front porch that you may enjoy as well.

Either if you're planning on eating out or simply have a drink with your family and friends, these 6 patios in Burlington are great choices.


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