Bohemian Women's Clothing

Bohemian Women's Clothing

Bohemian Clothing

bohemian cardigans

As we approach the second half of August we start to think of fall fashion. A popular trend that will be here to stay will be the popular bohemian looks. My favourite would have to be the Bohemian dresses.

The bohemian looks have been around for over 200 years. They just create such a free and gorgeous trend on all body types and ages. Lots of the bohemian dresses have crush worthy patterns from floral fall looks to more simple patterns. Everyone wants to be really comfortable but look gorgeous and this bohemian look creates exactly that. Bohemian dresses look great with flats, heels, fall booties or tall boots. You may have to check many boutiques to find the right bohemian piece for you. In the Burlington Boutique and Oakville Boutiques, you can take a peak for more individual and unique styles.

I love the look of oversized boho sweaters and cardigans that allow women to be free and still  be warm and cozy.  The beauty of bohemian trends is that you are encouraged to layer pieces and who doesn’t love layering? It is the best part of fall. There are many different types of pieces you can layer from long cardigans to oversize shorter style sweaters and flyaways. Before we move onto hair and makeup, I would definitely recommend adding a hat to your bohemian look. You can add a nice floppy grey, beige or black hat. Lastly for fashion would be a great boho piece that will create envy would be a nice statement piece of jewelry, such as a handmade piece or a turquoise or wood necklace or ring.

Next we move onto hair with a bohemian inspired hairstyle by doing some nice long loose curls or you can try a messy braid to polish off the boho free spirited lifestyle.  These styles can work with all hair lengths and textures.

Lastly you can finish off with a nice simple make-up look that is really natural.



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