Leading Holiday Hairstyles

Leading Holiday Hairstyles

Leading Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday hairstyles

The holidays are a great time to get out, meet new people, visit family and friends, as well as showing off at said occasions. Everyone loves to dress up and get pretty for special occasions, with the holidays being one of the most universally celebrated. We love the holidays because it gives us a reason to try new hairstyles and get creative.

If you’re ever in a time of feeling uninspired or not that into getting dolled up for the holidays, let this handy little hair style sampler get your creative juices flowing and start coming up with ideas for ways to get yourself to try thinking outside the box.

If all else fails, take a trip to your favorite hair salon and let the professionals work their magic.

Bombshell Princess

Everything gets bigger during the holidays, so why not extend that into your hairstyle? Bombshell style is a must for all women with long hair. Technically, this is a style you can achieve by yourself, with enough patience, prep, and hair spray, of course. The best bombshell stylings come from the salon, though, as they’ll have the best perspective and products for shaping your hair into a voluminous and shimmering look.

Big Braids

Braided hair is the no-fuss solution to feeling like a princess, while still giving you a great, playful, and joyful look. Big French braids or box braids are pretty big hits for holiday fashion. They go great with a lot of holiday dresses and outfits. Braids can also help you pull of that sexy and cute Santa’s Elf look, too. Big braids are great for a no-fuss hairstyle that can easily be added or removed, but more intricate braids also work well for more formal occasions, like holiday service or dance balls.

High Ponytails

Often associated with teenagers or cheerleaders, high ponytails are actually very charming and go great with holiday outfits. They bring a certain class and pride that is often overlooked, just because it’s such a common hair style for younger women. The truth is that there is nothing more elegant than a simple hairstyle that helps highlight a sophisticated dress or outfit.

Wavy Swept Hair

There are a number of retro hairstyles that see their way back into the spotlight during the holidays. For example, Blake Lively likes to add those cute little ripples through her hair, sweeping it to one side, as if the breeze in her hair got captured and immortalized in a perfect scene inside a snow globe. We know that it can be a pain sometimes maintaining curls during the winter season, but it’s really worth the effort after seeing a holiday outfit come together.

Hybrid Styles

You can be a little rebel during the holidays, there’s no rule saying that you have to adopt all classic or traditional hairstyles once Halloween is over. In fact, a great way to show off two great sides of yourself is to do one side of your head in cornrows, for example, and the other side either in waves or ironed straight. If you’re feeling really adventurous, go for the Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer’s half-shaven look for an icy glamorous alternative look.
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