Bachelor Fever

The Bachelor is one of the most popular reality television programs on with it entering into the 21st season. There is just something very entertaining about the watching all the excitement from the dates,  the girl drama and all gorgeous outfits that they wear. This current bachelor Nick Viall has been loved as well as disliked when he portrayed more of the bad guy on Kaitlyn’s season. Again he seems to be highly liked as he seems to come across as a nice guy this season so far.


The amazing and exotic dates have to be a few of my favourite things from the Bachelor and Bachelorette. It definitely makes you envious of all those amazing hot spots that they are visiting and all those over the top dates they are going on. This can definitely set some high expectations for women who are dating or who have a spouse and would like to live up to this bachelor couple lifestyle and expect those couple dates as the new standard. I am not going to lie those dates and hot spots look amazing and I definitely do catch myself saying why can’t we do this or that to my hubby. I do realize in the end it is a television show and that those are not the average dates that most couples go on but they are definitely couple goals that we can all fantasize about:) The beginning of the season is always my favorite part aside from the finale. I love getting to know all the women and watching the relationships form. This season I already have a few ladies I am cheering for but that could definitely change as we move forward. Let us know your favourite bachelor or bachelorette of all time so far?