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    The Evolution of The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

    The Evolution of The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

    The Evolution of The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

    Victoria Secret owes the inception of its fashion show to over two decades ago when models across the globe stride down the runway of the plaza Hotel, New York in an event that sent shock waves across the fashion industry. The company started the show in 1995 to promote and market it goods with the aid of high profile models popularly called Victoria Secret Angels.

    The Victoria Secret shows attracts a wide spectacle across the globe with millions of spectators viewing the show from various parts of the world. With diverse women’s clothing showcased by the beautiful angels of the brand, the Victoria Secret show ranks among the most anticipated annual shows in the world.

    From its inception, previous editions of the show usually took place February, at the plaza Hotel in New York City but in 2000, the show took place 3 months after the usual date in France to raise money for the AIDS charity and over $3.5 Million was realized. However, in 2001, the show returned to its usual hosting City albeit a different location, the Bryant Park, New York.

    Between its years of evolution, the show didn’t take place in 2004 due to a wardrobe malfunction that exposed Janet Jackson’s breast on TV at the super bowl XXXVIII.

    The show that has the brands customers feeling beautiful also attracts a handful of indifferent spectators with performances from top celebrities like, Usher, Kate Perry, Akon, Taylor Swift to mention a few. The 2017 edition of the show is set to be held in Shanghai, China making it the first installment of the brands show to take place in Asia.


    Bachelor Fever

    Bachelor Fever

    The Bachelor is one of the most popular reality television programs on with it entering into the 21st season. There is just something very entertaining about the watching all the excitement from the dates,  the girl drama and all gorgeous outfits that they wear. This current bachelor Nick Viall has been loved as well as disliked when he portrayed more of the bad guy on Kaitlyn’s season. Again he seems to be highly liked as he seems to come across as a nice guy this season so far.


    The amazing and exotic dates have to be a few of my favourite things from the Bachelor and Bachelorette. It definitely makes you envious of all those amazing hot spots that they are visiting and all those over the top dates they are going on. This can definitely set some high expectations for women who are dating or who have a spouse and would like to live up to this bachelor couple lifestyle and expect those couple dates as the new standard. I am not going to lie those dates and hot spots look amazing and I definitely do catch myself saying why can’t we do this or that to my hubby. I do realize in the end it is a television show and that those are not the average dates that most couples go on but they are definitely couple goals that we can all fantasize about:) The beginning of the season is always my favorite part aside from the finale. I love getting to know all the women and watching the relationships form. This season I already have a few ladies I am cheering for but that could definitely change as we move forward. Let us know your favourite bachelor or bachelorette of all time so far?

    Leading Holiday Hairstyles

    Leading Holiday Hairstyles

    Leading Holiday Hairstyles

    Holiday hairstyles

    The holidays are a great time to get out, meet new people, visit family and friends, as well as showing off at said occasions. Everyone loves to dress up and get pretty for special occasions, with the holidays being one of the most universally celebrated. We love the holidays because it gives us a reason to try new hairstyles and get creative.

    If you’re ever in a time of feeling uninspired or not that into getting dolled up for the holidays, let this handy little hair style sampler get your creative juices flowing and start coming up with ideas for ways to get yourself to try thinking outside the box.

    If all else fails, take a trip to your favorite hair salon and let the professionals work their magic.

    Bombshell Princess

    Everything gets bigger during the holidays, so why not extend that into your hairstyle? Bombshell style is a must for all women with long hair. Technically, this is a style you can achieve by yourself, with enough patience, prep, and hair spray, of course. The best bombshell stylings come from the salon, though, as they’ll have the best perspective and products for shaping your hair into a voluminous and shimmering look.

    Big Braids

    Braided hair is the no-fuss solution to feeling like a princess, while still giving you a great, playful, and joyful look. Big French braids or box braids are pretty big hits for holiday fashion. They go great with a lot of holiday dresses and outfits. Braids can also help you pull of that sexy and cute Santa’s Elf look, too. Big braids are great for a no-fuss hairstyle that can easily be added or removed, but more intricate braids also work well for more formal occasions, like holiday service or dance balls.

    High Ponytails

    Often associated with teenagers or cheerleaders, high ponytails are actually very charming and go great with holiday outfits. They bring a certain class and pride that is often overlooked, just because it’s such a common hair style for younger women. The truth is that there is nothing more elegant than a simple hairstyle that helps highlight a sophisticated dress or outfit.

    Wavy Swept Hair

    There are a number of retro hairstyles that see their way back into the spotlight during the holidays. For example, Blake Lively likes to add those cute little ripples through her hair, sweeping it to one side, as if the breeze in her hair got captured and immortalized in a perfect scene inside a snow globe. We know that it can be a pain sometimes maintaining curls during the winter season, but it’s really worth the effort after seeing a holiday outfit come together.

    Hybrid Styles

    You can be a little rebel during the holidays, there’s no rule saying that you have to adopt all classic or traditional hairstyles once Halloween is over. In fact, a great way to show off two great sides of yourself is to do one side of your head in cornrows, for example, and the other side either in waves or ironed straight. If you’re feeling really adventurous, go for the Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer’s half-shaven look for an icy glamorous alternative look.

    Trendy Choker Necklaces and Choker Blouses

    Trendy Choker Necklaces and Choker Blouses

    Popular Trend: Choker necklaces and choker blouses

    Choker necklaces have been popping up everywhere especially on celebrities and in almost every store. All the stores have their own styles of choker necklaces. The choker goes back to the late 1700s and gained quite a popularity. It started as something that was popular among the more promiscuous females and then chokers were popular among royalty and the elite. Some popular chokers from the 90s that have resurfaced are the plastic tattoo chokers in a bright array of colours. More popular choker trends now are the lace and velvet choker necklaces. I love the plain lace or velvet choker necklaces because they are so versatile and look great with everything. Chokers would probably be my favourite trend coming back from the 90s. Types of chokers:

    Tattoo chokers are plastic, stretchy and mostly colourful. They are for the fun and free spirited women.

    Velvet chokers can be a thin or thicker style. Some of the velvet choker necklaces have a statement charm on them such as sun, heart or star pendent at the front. Others are more simple and elegant and can be dressed up or down.

    Tie chokers are very trendy right now and act as a choker with an additional tie that hangs as a secondary accent and adds a really pretty and unique look.Here is one of our trendy chokers.

    Lace or other material chokers are also very popular and very versatile for work or just a day or evening out with friends.

    Choker tops and choker blouses are perfect for the office or just a nice dinner out and may seem like an easier transition if you are not ready for the choker necklace but still want to jump into that popular trend.

    Some other popular trends that are making a comeback this year have been overalls and crop tops, which definitely are here to stay for fall and winter too.

    If you are not sure if you can pull off the choker necklace but love the look try a choker blouse that is very classy and gorgeous on all body types.

    The Best Patios in Burlington

    The Best Patios in Burlington

    The Best Patios in Burlington 

    With the summer almost coming to an end, nothing is better than enjoying one of the many patios around Burlington. If you’re planning on eating, to have a drink, or to simply relax and enjoy a nice conversation with friends, patios are just the perfect spot.


    Here are the best 6 patios in Burlington:

    #1 - Emma’s Back Porch

    When you think about a patio in Burlington's downtown the first place that comes to mind is Emma's Back Porch.

    With a great and friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy Emma's Back Porch with a classic and comfort meal or with just a drink. The patio view is astonishing. You can see the beautiful Lake Ontario and if you're lucky, you might even see the ducks swimming.

    With a varied menu, you'll find something you like for sure.


    #2 - Spencer’s at the Waterfront

    Spencer's at the Waterfront is absolutely amazing and their patio is definitely one of the best. With a view to the Rotary Centennial Pond and the waterfront trail, it's the perfect place for a special celebration.

    They usually host many beautiful weddings there and although it's not cheap, it sure is well worth the money.


    #3 - The Judge and Jury

    The Judge and Jury is a cozy little restaurant on Walkers Line. Although it might seem a strange location, you won't have any problems to park your car. 

    Their patio isn't huge but it's a great place to just sit and relax with family and friends. The service is great, the staff is very friendly, the prices are very reasonable, and you can really enjoy some peace and quiet there.


    #4 - Beaver and Bulldog

    When you want to have some fun at night, the Beaver and Bulldog is the place to go. Their patio, in the back, is just in front of the waterfront, just like Spencer's.

    However, the Beaver and Bulldog is not only for nights. You can also take advantage of their great patio and enjoy a cool drink during the hot summer days.


    #5 - Rayhoon Persian Eatery

    You can find Rayhoon Persian Eatery just in the heart if the village square. Their patio is absolutely lovely and with a perfect view of all the village unique architecture.

    All the atmosphere and food are incredible and the owner is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. This is definitely one of the best patios in Burlington.


    #6 - Tamp Coffee Co.

    When you just want a cozy place where you can have a coffee or eat some delicious treats, Tamp Coffee Co. is a great choice. Although it's not a restaurant, you'll be delighted with their cozy little patio that they share with the Barbershop and the Village Cigar.

    You can choose from a wide variety of snacks as well as drinks. They also have a front porch that you may enjoy as well.

    Either if you're planning on eating out or simply have a drink with your family and friends, these 6 patios in Burlington are great choices.