Festive Cocktails to enjoy over the holidays!

Festive Cocktails to enjoy over the holidays!

Its officially the holiday season, there is snow on the ground as I write this! The gatherings may not quite be the same as other years but we’ve got some tasty drink recipes to help celebrate.

The Christmas Daiquiri


    The daiquiri is a classic cocktail mixing light rum, fresh lime juice and simple syrup. It was enjoyed by pirates, on long voyages as a way to fight off scurvy. Over time the drink has been updated and modified (such as serving over finely crushed ice) over the years. The classic daiquiri is made with 1.5oz to 2oz of Cuban rum, 3/4oz fresh lime juice and ½ to 3/4oz simple syrup. This version adjusts the modifying agent (lime juice) to create a delicious holiday version of this classic cocktail.

    What you will need:

    • 1.5oz to 2oz Cuban rum
    • ½ oz. fresh lime juice
    • ½ oz. fresh cranberry juice
    • ½ oz. to 3/4oz simple syrup
    • Cocktail shaker
    • Crushed Ice

    How to prepare

    1. Fill a daiquiri glass with finely crushed ice.
    2. Combine the rum, lime-juice, cranberry juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker.
    3. Secure the cocktail shaker and give a good vigorous shake until the outside of the shaker feels cold.
    4. Strain the contents of the shaker into the daiquiri glass.
    5. Garnish with a lime wheel (optional).
      The Mistletoe Martini

        The classic Martini made with Gin and Dry Vermouth. The Martini is probably the most popular cocktail in the world and was a favourite of Winston Churchill. There are countless variations of this cocktail including changing the base liquor, adjusting the modifying agents as well as the garnish.   This holiday version is one of those variations!

        What you will need:

        • 1.5oz vodka
        • ½ oz. elderflower liqueur
        • 1.5 oz. cranberry juice
        • ½ oz. simple syrup
        • Cranberries
        • Mint Leaves
        • Cocktail shaker
        • Martini Glass

        How to prepare:

        1. Place a martini glass in the freezer to chill.
        2. Combine the vodka, elderberry liqueur, cranberry juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker half filled with ice.
        3. Stir with a bar spoon (don’t shake) until mixed, the shaker should still get cold.
        4. Put the strainer lid on the shaker and strain into your chilled martini glass.
        5. Garnish with a few cranberries and floating mint leaves.

        White Christmas Margarita

        The classic margarita is a summer vacation staple. It combines tequila with lime and orange liqueur. Perhaps it stands out because it adds another dimension to typical cocktail flavor profiles. Typically a basic cocktail combines strong (liquor) with sour (fresh juice) and sweet (sugar). The margarita adds another profile with the salted rim. For this variation we won’t be adjusting the base recipe, instead we will be adding to it.

        You will need:

        • Cinnamon Sugar
        • 1 lime wedge
        • 1.5oz silver tequila
        • 1oz coconut milk
        • ½ oz. orange liqueur
        • ½ oz. fresh lime juice
        • ½ oz. white cranberry juice
        • Cranberries
        • Rosemary Sprig

        How to prepare:

        1. Wipe the lime wedge around the rim of a margarita glass and coat the rim of the glass with the cinnamon sugar.
        2. In a cocktail shaker combine the tequila, coconut milk, orange liqueur, lime juice and white cranberry juice.
        3. Strain contents into a chilled hurricane glass.
        4. Garnish with a few cranberries and rosemary sprig.

        We’ve personally tried all three drinks and I must say that the Christmas Daiquiri was our favourite. Tell us which one is your favourite….comment below and let us know…or if you have your own holiday cocktail recipe please comment below!


        Happy Holidays!

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