The Evolution of The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

The Evolution of The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Victoria Secret owes the inception of its fashion show to over two decades ago when models across the globe stride down the runway of the plaza Hotel, New York in an event that sent shock waves across the fashion industry. The company started the show in 1995 to promote and market it goods with the aid of high profile models popularly called Victoria Secret Angels.

The Victoria Secret shows attracts a wide spectacle across the globe with millions of spectators viewing the show from various parts of the world. With diverse women’s clothing showcased by the beautiful angels of the brand, the Victoria Secret show ranks among the most anticipated annual shows in the world.

From its inception, previous editions of the show usually took place February, at the plaza Hotel in New York City but in 2000, the show took place 3 months after the usual date in France to raise money for the AIDS charity and over $3.5 Million was realized. However, in 2001, the show returned to its usual hosting City albeit a different location, the Bryant Park, New York.

Between its years of evolution, the show didn’t take place in 2004 due to a wardrobe malfunction that exposed Janet Jackson’s breast on TV at the super bowl XXXVIII.

The show that has the brands customers feeling beautiful also attracts a handful of indifferent spectators with performances from top celebrities like, Usher, Kate Perry, Akon, Taylor Swift to mention a few. The 2017 edition of the show is set to be held in Shanghai, China making it the first installment of the brands show to take place in Asia.