5 Canadian Bloggers to Add to Your Spring Reading List

5 Canadian Bloggers to Add to Your Spring Reading List

As we all contribute to social distancing and have little extra time on our hands indoors, we wanted to share five Canadian social media influencers and fashion bloggers that we are currently loving to keep up with for our spring inspiration. Whether you are looking for outfit ideas, wellness tips, or home decor advice, the following people curate excellent lifestyle content to keep you inspired and excited for spring. 

1. Stephanie Jolly 

Based in Toronto, Stephanie began her blogging in 2012, pursuing the goal to document the concept of 'living well' through combining style, travel, and beauty contents, in addition to health and wellness more generally. We are currently enjoying her recent posts on lists of activities to do from home, and in particular, her spring shoe guide which we have been looking to for inspiration on the trendiest pieces to pair with our jumpsuits and dresses for this spring. 


 Find Stephanie on Instagram or at her Youtube channel: 



2. The Sorry Girls 

Another Canadian duo, The Sorry Girls have become an online sensation through their DIY lifestyle and fashion contents, with over 150,000 followers on Instagram and almost 2 million subscribers on Youtube. With all this time indoors, we have been enjoying reading through their DIY ideas on their blog; from recreating high-end fashion pieces, to assembling their own yoga mat straps, this blog will provide fun ideas to keep you entertained at home. 



Find the Sorry Girls on Instagram or on their Youtube channel: 



3. Candice Tay 

This Toronto blogger, Candice Tay, focuses on conscious minimal living and curates lifestyle content geared towards sustainable living. Her recent post and Youtube video on transitioning her closet from winter to spring has been a useful reference to gain inspiration for organizing our closets in preparation for spring, while her sustainability tips have helped us think about our own goals to limit waste this spring. 



Find Candice on Instagram or at her Youtube channel: 



4. Krystin Lee 

Krystin Lee aims to combine both suburban and city styles in all aspects of her life. From her fashion to beauty, to lifestyle advice, her blog provides great information on how to stay on top of trends no matter where you are located. We are enjoying her recent post on incorporating fun prints into your wardrobe through pants, and have been loving her Instagram feed as a great reference for ideas on mixing colours and prints as we enter warmer weather. 


Find Krystin on Instagram: 


5. Erin Elizabeth 

From Ottawa, Erin has a passion for incorporating the creative into everyday living. Focusing on a wide range of topics from fashion, to travel, to career and personal experiences, her blog covers lifestyle topics with the intent to inspire and cultivate create experiences into your everyday life. Her recent post on what to wear with leggings has been a great reference as we bring out our own line of leather leggings and jeggings to pair with our spring tops and tunics. 


Find Erin on Instagram or Youtube: 



We hope that the content of these five Canadian influencers will help occupy your time and that their posts can be as a source of inspiration as spring approaches for fun ideas on how to spice up your fashion or lifestyle habits.

As always, remember to check our online store or our Instagram account for beautiful, unique pieces to help bring your creative outfits to life. 





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