5 BIG reasons fall is the time for Women’s Fashion!

5 BIG reasons fall is the time for Women’s Fashion!

Summer is just about over and this year it feels like it really flew by. June to September may get the most hype and love, however I would argue that Fall is just as exciting (especially for fashion!) let me tell you why….


  1. Sweaters: Starting with the most obvious reason we love fall as much as summer (maybe more?)…sweaters! No disrespect to skirts, shorts and t-shirts, when we walk into women’s fashion stores the pieces that really stick out is all the fun sweaters. From cardigans to pullovers and especially hoodies what could be more versatile than sweaters? We wear them out (remember to stay safe please!) and at home so here’s to our favourite fashion piece; the sweater.


  1. Photogenic Backgrounds: Pretty fall colours, excellent lighting and gentler weather (no frizz please!) combine to give us the most photogenic time of the year hands down. Look through your photos and tell me the fall ones don’t have the best backdrops! So get out there and make some memories while showing off your best Lace & Envy outfits!


  1. Pumpkin Lattes and a Hike: Total cost for an awesome afternoon? Two Lattes! Is there anything better than enjoying beautiful mild weather, sipping your pumpkin latte while feeling the crunchy leaves beneath your feet all the while taking in the beautiful fall colours? Nope…unless you are also wearing our awesome fall pieces!


  1. Stretchy Pants at Thanksgiving: Fall is the start of family gathering season and is the time when holiday feasting begins. Luckily our clothing store can prepare you by looking fashionable but also keeping comfy with our stylish stretchy pants. Bring on the leftovers!


  1. Layering….a women’s favourite word! It’s going to be single digits in the morning with a high of 20C then dipping back down to single digits at night. I just described the perfect scenario for showcasing your fashion imagination; layer up with cardigans, pullovers etc. and your prepared for the inevitable swings in weather.


I could probably make another list because there are sooo many reasons why fall is the most fashion friendly season there is. The reasons above are just my personal favs, yours could be different…. comment below and tell us why fall is the best season for fashion.

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