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Star Crossed Lovers Animal Print Short Romper

Star Crossed Lovers Animal Print Short Romper

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Complete your outfit in one move with this beautiful star and animal print romper.
The unique star and animal print design offers an original and sexy look! The tube
neckline offers a flirty look that is perfect for summer without being too revealing.
The elastic waistband will enhance your body shape without hugging too tightly.
This piece also has pockets to add some functionality to your outfit. This romper
can be paired with a sweater when the weather is cooler or on its own in the
summer. Its short sleeves and tube neckline are perfect for highlighting your
favourite accessories. Gorgeous strapless style.

Features/Benefits – Gorgeous star and animal print design offer a unique look.
Tube Neckline – Flirty look, not too revealing.

Elastic Waistband – Enhances body shape without being too tight.
Pockets – adds functionality.

Material: Rayon/Spandex. Lighting can slightly alter colours.

Fit: It fits true to size but it is a short style. Julia is 5"4 so this style would work best for 5"5 and under as a romper or if you are taller and like shorter styles over a swimsuit for the beach or by the pool.

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