Healthy Eating for Busy Women

Healthy Eating for Busy Women

Eating well on the go.





Rinse, repeat.

If you find yourself on autopilot most days with no time left to plan, prep, cook, and serve a healthy meal, don't beat yourself up.  There are some easy ways to whip together a nutritious snack or dinner with hardly a thought.  It starts at the grocery store.  If you know your week (or month) is going to be chaotically busy, don't kid yourself and buy food you need to cut… or even wash.  These are produce promises that will just take up space in your compost bin and make you feel bad later.  Accept your circumstances at the grocery store and be realistic.  Your choices will be prepackaged but you can still eat well!

  • Salads are your best friend when you're busy.  They're easy, quick, and healthy.  Stay stocked with lettuces, croutons, and dressings and you can toss up a salad in a pinch.  Add whatever veggies and/or protein you have on hand, and you're done.  
  • Snacks are covered with fruit and trail mix.  Bananas, apples, and oranges travel well and slip in your bag easily.  Trail mix can be popped in a baggie and stashed in your car for those times you're running behind.
  • Food courts are ways to find healthy fast food options.   Veggie wraps, fruit/veggie smoothies, and chicken salads can all be found in a good food court.  
  • Protein shakes are a great option for a fast lunch you can take with you.  
  • Pack a lunch.  You pack them for your kids, so why not for yourself?  A whole grain sandwich, yogurt cup, and baby carrots with hummus--that’s a healthy and quick brown bag.

Also try to take one day to crock pot and freeze.  If you are given a day that affords you the time, use it to set up “Future You” with many different dinner options. Make giant pots full of healthy soups, stews, chilli, etc and freeze it in portions you can thaw later.  You will thank “Past You” when it saves you time later.

There's always a way to sneak in healthy eating on the go.  Just because you're busy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice everything.  Keep healthy options a priority and you can stay on top of it all.  Eating well when busy will help keep up your energy and keep your immune system strong which will lead to better productivity.  Then you will look and feel your best when you finally get that vacation you deserve!
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